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Please print & return  this form (with  Section 2 ware applicable) to the club secretary
For return address please e-mail  paul@westsussexcavingclub.com
Sorry this can not be done electronically at present.

All cheques should be made payable to ‘West Sussex Scout Caving’ (until an alternative A/C is available)

I hereby apply for the membership of the West Sussex Cave Club and agree to be bound by the clubs Constitution and rules

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Have you had a Criminal  Records Burro check in the past please indicate.  Yes or No

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* I enclose £20 for full membership
* I enclose £6 for membership without insurance (if member of another club)

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    Rule 9 of the constitution states;

Every person weather a member or not. Making use of the services of a guide or guides or taking part in any activity or expedition organised by the club or in which any member of the club shall take part, shall do so at his or her own risk, and he/she or his/hers legal representatives or assigns or dependants shall have no claim or right of action against the club or any member thereof in respect any damage, loss or injury sustained, including death, notwithstanding any negligence of the guide or any members of the body of members of the club.  



West Sussex Caving Club


Please Return this form to the Club secretary 
For return address please e-mail








If you are under 18 years of age this application must be countersigned below by your parent or legal guardian

I Parent/ Guardian of ____________________________________________________________

Hereby consent to the above person becoming a member of the West Sussex Cave Club, taking part in its activities and agree to the term of the Constitution.

Signed _____________________________ Print Name _________________________Date ________

Please print this page and return it to club secretary as it can not be done electronically at present.

02 February, 2008