West Sussex Cave Club               


Dear Caver

West Sussex Scouts Caving has just had its most successful year, more scouts and adults than ever are experiencing the underground environment and we are now taking people from all over west Sussex and other counties. This success is down to a good cave leader team and a number of willing helpers. As a non caving county we are probably the most active in the country and this view has been echoed by the national caving advisor for the Scout association, this is in a time when caving nationally is suffering with a decline in numbers.

With this in mind we are aiming to start a county caving club to compliment the Scout caving team.

The aims behind the cave club are:-

*      To aid the access to caves where only BCA (British Caving Association) clubs are allowed due to the land owners restrictions.

*      Cavers will be covered by the BCA insurance when caving as a member of the club on non Scout organised trips.

*      Added credibility to cavers by being part of a nationally affiliated club.

*      Cavers will be able to express there views and vote at the national caving conference.

*      To encourage people to have a go at caving with the help and guidance of experienced cavers.


We would like to get the cave club up and running by the end of January so if you would like to be a member please fill in the form below and return it to me with 20.
The Fee is split into two parts 15 is your individual membership and insurance with the British Caving Association and 5 is for the club to be registered and insured with the BCA.
On receipt of your form and money we will hold until the annual general meeting  when the club will be inaugurated.
The first annual general meeting will also officially elect the committee and ratify club rules and constitution.
If you have any questions with the insurance or would like to find out more about the BCA then visit there website at
www.british-caving.org.uk, Also if you would like to know anything else about West Sussex Cave Club then please ask me.

Membership application Form  you will need to print this page and return it to Paul as it can not be done electronically at present.

Thanks Paul Dold  paul@westsussexcavingclub.com




09 January, 2007