Draft (To be ratified at the first AGM)



1, the name of the club shall be called West Sussex Caving Club


2, Objectives


A)   To promote caving and related activities.

B)   To provide caving as a sport to the scout Association.

C)   To represent club members on regional and National board meetings.


3, Membership


A)   Membership of the club shall be open, and not unreasonably restricted on the grounds of sex, race or political, religious or other opinions, to any person who is prepared to accept and support the constitution of the club and who has paid the membership fee.

B)   There are six classes of membership

1)    Honorary Members

The club may appoint honorary members and vice presidents as required. Members may submit written proposals, supported by at least two other members, to the committee for its consideration, Further action and reply.

2)    Full Members

3)    Associate Members

Social or non caving persons can join at a reduced rate.

4)    Family Members.

Families consisting of up to two persons living at the same address pay a reduced rate.

5)    Junior Members

Persons aged sixteen years and under pay reduced rates.

6)    Unwaged members

Persons who are unwaged or in full time education pay a reduced rate.


4, Management


a)    The affairs of the club are to be conducted by the club�s committee.

b)    The committee is to consist of a minimum of 6 officers they are:


1)    Chairperson

2)    Secretary

3)    Treasurer

4)    Events Coordinator (caving Secretary )

5)  Caver Representative 1

6)  Caver Representative 2 (Or representative appointed  by  West Sussex Scouts Caving if none of the above directly fulfils that role).



c)    The committee may co-opt further members where necessary but must seek approval at the Annual General Meeting.

d)     Minutes of the committee meetings are to be maintained formally and to be made available to club members on request.

e)    The chair at all committee meetings shall be taken by the chairperson. In his or her absence the committee is empowered to elect a temporary chairperson.

f)     The committee will make decisions using the majority vote.

g)    When necessary the chairperson will have the casting vote.

h)   All committee positions are to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

i)     The Committee may remove any person from membership for good cause. The person concerned may lodge an appeal by in writing to the committee.

j)     Failure to pay the membership after a warning will result in leaving the club.


5, Annual General Meeting


a)    There shall be an Annual General meeting every January and a statement of accounts for the year shall be given in writing for the meeting.

b)    Any nominations for the committee posts are to be given to the chairperson at least seven clear days before the Annual General Meeting.

c)    Only paid members can participate in the voting at the Annual General Meeting.

d)    All members at the meeting except Honorary members, over the age of sixteen can vote.


6, Extraordinary General Meeting


a)    The Committee may call Extraordinary General Meetings when required or when a minimum of half of all members request one in writing.

b)    The secretary is to notify the members of the club of the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting and to the specific object for which the meeting is called.

c)    The meeting shall be held within one month of the written request having been received by the secretary.



7, Finance


a)    The clubs funds are to be used for:

1)    Expenses for the running and administration of the club.

2)    Payment of relevant fees to other caving organisations (e.g. B.C.A)

3)    The purchase and maintenance of caving equipment for use of members of the West Sussex Cave Club.


 8, Dissolution


a)    In the event of the club closing for any reason all the assets whether Monies or equipment will not be shared out to club members but shall be given to a suitable charity organisation.



01 February, 2008